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Hey! This is me, Socrates.
It’s been a while.
Internet gives us answers to almost anything.

But sometimes what we really need are good questions.
I currently have 132 questions in category for you to think with.
Feel free to add your own.
I also started a community of like-minded thinkers, join us!
Alright, gotta go. xoxo
398 BC
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Questions to make you think.

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Is it possible to prove that other people besides yourself have consciousness?
Do we understand the present better than the past?
Does the idea of total freedom make sense?
Does language only serve to communicate?
Are all truths demonstrable?
Do people in wealthier countries have a moral obligation to help those in poorer countries?
Can anything truly be objective?
Is freedom limited to the necessity to work?
Is defending your rights the same as defending your interests?
Can scientific truth be dangerous?
If language influences how we perceive color, what other things could languages be changing our perception of?
Do humans need to be governed?
Is some degree of censorship necessary?
Is memory sufficient to be a historian?
Is hierarchy necessary for all successful human communities?
Are people ethically obligated to improve themselves?
Is a happy life a life of pleasures?
How much does language affect our thinking?
How do you know people need what you're making?
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